Kyle Rogers Record Release Show

Kyle Rogers is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Suffolk County, who settled in Brooklyn after destroying his brain with high level mathematics up in Massachusetts. Having cut his teeth in the absurdist rock band Golden Zipper, he began his solo career by writing anti-folk anthems about neurosis, books, and being a self-aware animal in a city. While quirky, angry, and clever, Kyle’s songs incorporate something different into the blunt wit and self-effacement of his closest genre: a willingness to express genuine angst. With an ear for the grizzly as well as the serene, and a penchant for abrupt tempo shifts, Kyle’s compositions take as much pleasure in silliness as they do in mathematical complexity; levels of rhythmic quantification mirror layers of irony and self-loathing. In 2015, while writing and recording the material that would eventually become his first solo album, Kyle met Ben Absurdo and Keith Malonis, and subsequently founded folk-punk trio Ruderals. On October 14th, 2017, Kyle will release his debut solo effort, Songs, as a self-release and later as a joint release with Captives Collective, a label he started with bandmates and associates from the music scene in Astoria, Queens.

Join us at Terra Firma as Kyle releases his manic manifesto to the world. Featuring live music from:

Kyle Rogers


The Repressions

Absurdo & The Coyote


Oct 14 2017 - Oct 15 2017



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