Pandafan//Mt Thelonious//Curtis J//Laney & Nick at Terra Firma

Enjoy a night of eclectic folk-inspired music in Brooklyn!!

No cover charge, just enjoy the atmosphere and good food

Mt. Thelonious
Here from St Louis, the band has plenty of touchstones in the past, drawing heavily from folk, jazz, and rootsy, Americana traditions—yet what makes them truly unique is their ability to craft something new from these references while still evoking them.

Drawing inspiration from modern alternative folk like The Decemberists and The Staves, these three young sing complex three-part harmony over unique and diverse original songs.

Curtis J
Curtis J mixes genuine emotionality of groove songwriting with enough rock n’ roll bravado throughout to keep you guessing on what he’s been listening to.

Laney & Nick
Laney and Nick bring a far-reaching perspective and harmonies to acoustic roots music. They see commonalities in country, early jazz, blues, and torch music, cowboy boots and road trips, and romanticism and roughness around the edges.


Nov 11 2017 - Nov 12 2017


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